Origamibiro - Shakkei

On a mission to open up the ear's retina, audiovisual extraordinaires Origamibiro have produced yet another reminder of the capabilities of music with their second album, Shakkei. Each piece is orchestrated with such pure and abundant symphonic beauty that the overall record harmonises the landscapes of Eden and urbanity through deeply embedded sound semiotics, meeting only when the rhythmic footsteps on grass walk across the coarse strings of a violin. And it is here, where your breath will be taken away with such force that you'll end up feeling like you've been winded by a rhino. Origamibiro have created a melliflous masterpiece that makes an 'artist' such as Rihanna or (dare I say it) Justin Bieber look more like a stick-man specialist rather than a Rembrandt.




out of 10

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