One Mile An Hour

With its gently rolling feel and dreamy guitar breaks there is a real 1970s Californian slacker feel to this self-titled album from One Mile An Hour. It is clear that the recording location (a home built studio overlooking the sea on the south coast) has infused a nautical bent throughout the album and there are times you find yourself drifting away with the sweeping majesty of the whole affair. The sheer musicality and thoughtful lyrics on the likes of ‘Sunken Ships’, ‘You Are On The Beach’ and, best of all, the blissful ‘In Return’ keep you in a state of near perfect relaxation until the closing ten minute instrumental wig out ‘Nine Eight’ creates an almost irresistible urge to spark up a medicinal cigarette. Perhaps that was the intention?

There have been a load of great folk records released this year but none were as unexpectedly joyful as this supremely assured debut. To add to the 1970s feel, why not treat yourself to the glorious 12 incher, as vinyl is surely the best format in which to experience such a wonderfully laid back collection of tunes.



out of 10

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