Ocean Colour Scene - 21

Every so often you come a cross a fact that simply defies all logic and the fact that Ocean Colour Scene are celebrating 21 years together is just such an occurrence. That’s right, these 1990’s 2nd division lad-rockers have somehow survived to release nine albums and can fill the likes of the Albert Hall. To celebrate their longevity we have a 4CD retrospective of their career so far and, you know what, it isn’t as bad as one might have expected from a band that initially seem to have based their entire career on sounding like a cut-price Oasis. As well as the big hits such as ‘The Riverboat Song’ and ‘The Day We Caught The Train There’, 21 has a plethora of previously unreleased demos, live tracks and radio sessions. The Who inspired demo of ‘In My Field’ and the BBC session version of ‘Traveller’s Tune’, featuring a superb guest appearance from PP Arnold, are great places to start your investigation. Tacking a brand new song at the end is a bit naughty but in these days of iTunes and their ilk, it is an easy matter to grab this if you don’t want to part with the cash for the whole set. However, if you did that, you would be missing out on a solid and enjoyable history of one of the UK's most underappreciated bands of the last two decades.



out of 10
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