The backgrounds of all four members of Obake alone creates a certain amount of excitement around their eponymous debut; from ZU's Massimo Pupillo, to Balazs Pandi who has drummed for the likes of Merzbow, the sum of the parts should lead to a great whole. And the record does not disappoint with its mammoth mix of extreme metal, mind-bending experimentation and hypnotic ambience. Primarily built around Eraldo Bernocchi's gargantuan guitar riffs, Obake is a monstrously heavy record.

The opening pair of 'Human Genome Project' and 'Dog Star Ritual' begin in a doom-laden vein, with the low-end rattling the brain like a building in an earthquake, before the album dives off down weirder avenues: 'Letters To Ghosts' is a chilled affair as crystal synths meet late night jazz, whilst 'Endocrinal Pineal Gland' is a beautiful soundscape of gentle cymbals and echo-drenched guitar. Obake is a wonderfully diverse and rich album that is equally as elegant as it is horrifying; a wonderfully cataclysmic assault upon the senses.



out of 10
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