Nina Nesbitt - Way In The World EP

It's not been long since the last offering from Nina Nesbitt but with new EP Way In The World, her musical growth is more apparent than ever. A huskier tone and her signature emotive narratives are what set the Scottish teen apart from the overly saturated acoustic market - galloping rhythms inject a rare energy into the singer-songwriter genre in a manner that is seldom seen nowadays. The title track has a pounding beat which carries Nesbitt's melodies way above your standard Ed Sheeran soundalikes.

'Brit Summer' is as nostalgic as the title suggests, potentially becoming a storming live track despite the slightly strained chorus. The adrenaline within this snippet makes her Scottish accent more apparent than ever - Nesbitt is obviously more comfortable in her skin than ever before. 'Not Me' takes us back to the Nesbitt which made her one of our 2013 Tips, with emotional lyrics hitting home hard as she really lets her vocal range take centre stage. Having heard it live earlier this year, it's a track that definitely benefits from the consistently slick production and punchy percussion. The EP's closer 'Spiders' takes things down a notch and delivers the strongest vocal performance on Way In The World; this is four minutes of atmospheric simplicity - her haunting tones making this an instant home run, rather than necessitating the usual repeat listens. The simplicity of 'Spiders' proves Nesbitt is more than ready for her much anticipated full length album. Four tracks in this instance is not enough - and Nina Nesbitt has set the benchmark even higher for herself this time.



out of 10

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