Neurosis - Honor Found In Decay

The prospect of a new Neurosis record never fails to send the hysteria machine into overdrive, the hyperbole spewing forth in rabid excitement. There is a reason for this, with the band being credited with some gloriously bold and expressive statements in the past, but as many a band have demonstrated, it never guarantees much for the next album. Whilst Honor Found In Decay is anything but a clunker, neither is it much more than just another Neurosis record – dark, heavy, oppressive atmospherics, but nothing new and exciting.

On the point of its heaviness, the most notable aspect of Honor Found In Decay is how Neurosis have taken yet another step away from their punk roots, with the album's black mass coming more from that ominous omnipresent sense of dread rather than overwhelmingly bludgeoning guitars. Fans won't be disappointed by Honor Found In Decay, and I imagine the overall critical reception will be warm, but questions will remain as to whether Neurosis could have done just a little bite more with this.



out of 10

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