Natalie McCool

We've been following Natalie McCool's progress over the last couple of years waiting, with baited breath, for her debut album to land. Teasing us with videos and live performances, the singer certainly didn't rush to put out her initial collection but, thankfully, we're not left disappointed with the result. A mix of original tracks, along with a couple of covers including Kavinsky's 'Nightcall', the self-titled effort demonstrates that not only is McCool a singer with real depth, she also brings a real talent for songwriting.

Hauntingly beautiful, McCool's vocals come into their own on album opener 'America', a track that features something of a collaboration with Paul McCartney and which sets a style that carries through what follows without becoming tired. Comparisons to Stevie Nicks era Fleetwood Mac wouldn't be misplaced. Other highlights include 'Fortune' with its tribal drumbeat and 'Dust & Coal' which includes a chance for the singer to stretch her voice a little further. Often otherworldly, McCool seems to transition between the Gothic allure and easy going pop/rock with ease resulting in a record that is more inviting than anything Florence Welch has done.

Highly recommended.

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