Natalia Kills - Perfectionist

Having burst onto the scene with the superb dark electro of 'Mirrors' and courted controversy with the video for her second single 'Wonderland', it was almost too easy for people to liken Natalia Kills to another certain flamboyant American pop diva. Fortunately her debut album Perfectionist puts paid to that comparison given that it's packed full of delicious filth that shows the mainstream isn't Kills' primary concern and, while it is far from perfect, it bodes well nonetheless.

Often balancing a gem with a clunker, it's lucky that the gems shine so bright: 'Mirrors' remains as fresh as it did on first listen, as does the twisted 'Wonderland' ("Will you wake me up boy / If I bite your poison apple"), but it's a completely fresh one that takes the overall crown with 'Kill My Boyfriend' completely blind-siding you with its perky acoustics matched with a chorus that essentially revolves around repeating the word "kill". That it's so unconventional and memorable only makes the tedious moments all the more frustrating. Recent single 'Free', featuring, is as banal as it was on first listen but it's not the worse offender; we can tell what Kills is going for with 'Heaven', it's just let down by its mawkish lyrics ("I know heaven must be beautiful right now / Since they got you babe") that make it a chore to listen to, especially when preceding track 'Broke' shows that she can do lifting ballads effectively. Still, Perfectionist has more than its fair share of moments and combined with its defiant dark streak, it shows that Natalia Kills could well be one to watch.



out of 10
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