My Dying Bride - A Map Of All Our Failures

Part of the Unholy Trinity (along with Anathema and Paradise Lost) that have spearheaded the British doom movement since the early nineties, My Dying Bride have been through good times and bad before seeing a rise in both popularity and acknowledgment in line with the re-emergence of extreme music in the new millennium. So it is rather well timed that, at something of a peak, they have produced A Map Of All Our Failures, the doom-mongers' best album since the seminal Turn Loose The Swans. That may seem a rather bold statement, but the sheer quality of the songs, the musicianship and Aaron Stainthorpe's vocals makes this a magnificent record.

Masters of atmosphere, the ghost story of 'A Tapestry Scorned' is a chilling affair, the final monologue particularly spine-tingling, whilst the forlorn fury of 'Abandoned As Christ' mixes potent venom into the oppressive doom that hangs so majestically across the whole of the project. Depressing and heavy, this is everything you could possibly desire in a My Dying Bride record - a perfect treat for those long, lonely winter nights about to descend.



out of 10
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