Munk - The Bird And The Beat

Mathias Modica, a.k.a. Munk, is obviously of the school of thought that kitsch is cool, at least judging by his latest endeavour. His credentials include running record label Gomma and working with James Murphy and Asia Argento. The best bits of The Bird and the Beat involve lightweight house; 'Can I Have Your Attention?' and 'No Moon (...Over Kuala Lumpur)' are the kind of thing you could dance on the beach and sip cocktails to. The latter, with its piano stabs and girly vocal, is especially carefree and heavenly, its nearest relative being early Saint Etienne. 'Violent Love' isn’t bad either, production recalling the easier end of Daft Punk. What Munk seems to be aspiring to is an eclectic Balearic sound, drawing on disco, pop and various Euro influences (seven different languages appear and likely as many accents), but there are as many misses as hits and some tracks just grate. The worst offender is 'Kitchen Call', a confluence of camp hooks which include a repetitive lyric describing housework, a deep backing vocal and a horribly cheesy disco-funk bassline. The Bird and the Beat will work best as a source of material for others' DJ sets.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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