Mungolian Jetset - Schlungs

The debut album proper from Norwegian duo Mungolian Jetset flits between Balearic space disco and frustrating wackiness. The first two tracks are the most testing: slow building opener '2010 – A Space Woodysey' takes its musical cue from precisely where you’d expect given the title, while also throwing in an OTT chanting choir for a climax; 'Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks' is a ten minute psychedelic disco epic, a homage perhaps to Was Not Was. While undoubtedly lovingly crafted, this reviewer found its sustained goofiness somewhat gruelling.

Later tracks are easier on the ears: the quirky, dubstep-inspired 'Shelton’s On A Bender'; the near conventional pop of 'We Are the Shining', with its irresistible synth hooks; the oscillation between conga rhythms and trancey builds on 'Moonstruck'. Still then Schlungs remains an acquired taste.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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