Morning Parade

You’ll immediately know where to sit with Morning Parade’s debut: the large, anthemic electro-rock glamour weaves together, as lead vocalist Steve Sparrow beckons to an invisible crowd of millions. The first three tunes all merge in much the same way, offering a fairly likeable mould of British arena rock infused with an occasional glimmer of sonic experimentation. ‘Running Down the Aisle’ tones down the pace, offering the token slow song that might become a live favourite if the heavens align.

‘Under the Stars’ and ‘Close To Your Heart’ maintains the hefty rock tempo, infusing plentiful guitar shredding, sugary backing vocals and aping drums. It’s all very grandiose, with ‘Monday Morning’ marking the album’s epitome of Keane-esque emotional drudgery. Morning Parade will have no trouble igniting interest from those drawn to huge guitar driven pop music and it doesn’t appear to be a problem for the band. Ultimately, Morning Parade has delivered exactly what you’d expect from a major label debut: largely soulless, throwaway rock with just enough charm to warrant commercial success.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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