Mogwai - Earth Division EP

Having released one of the albums of the year so far, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, Mogwai return to the fray with this four track EP that sees them move away from their normal, noisey stylings.

This is obvious from the outset as the piano and strings of ‘Get To France’ combine to make a thrillingly dark, orchestral ride. The haunting Americana of ‘Hound Of Winter’ follows and is unlike the Mogwai you may be familiar but is, nevertheless, deeply moving and engages you in a way not found too often. The perfectly titled ‘Drunk And Crazy’ disorients with its swirling noises worming their way into your brain until you are snapped back to earth with a mid song combination of violins and piano that briefly soothes the mind before the discordant rumble returns with a vengeance. That just leaves ‘Does This Always Happen’, the most traditionally Mogwai song on display, and is reminiscent of their earlier, equally brilliant ‘Stanley Kubrick’. While a lot of bands see singles and EPs as a way to milk cash from long suffering fans, Mogwai continue to use them as a way of unleashing more of their staggeringly beautiful music on the world.




out of 10
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