Modern Superstitions - All The Things We’ve Been Told

All The Things We’ve Been Told is an excellent debut release from Toronto three-piece Modern Superstitions: strident guitars, no-nonsense four-on-the-floor drums, solid bass and female vocals are embellished by stripped-back production which fits the sound perfectly. In deciding not to tinker too much with the group’s basic sound, Sloan’s Patrick Pentland has overseen a mini-album which is eminently listenable and in which every nuance can be heard clearly. Imagine The Clash, The Jam or The Who with Deborah Harry on vocals, or The Raveonettes without the distortion and you’ll get the gist. The band’s raw sound should work superbly live, but it also gives an honest feel to this studio set. A full album is certainly something to look forward in the (hopefully) not too distant future.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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