Mirror Queen - From Earth Below

After three albums and a hefty line-up shift, New York stoners Kreisor have now become Mirror Queen and emerge with a new album of 70s hard rock worshipping riffs, aptly titled From Earth Below. The band’s love of in particular Hawkwind and Captain Beyond is very much apparent and that hippy-laden, space-dreaming pulse – as songs like the title track and ‘Into The Nebula’ might suggest – runs at the very heart of the album. They may lack the true wild abandon that is synonymous with the first psychedelic wave, but Mirror Queen make up for that with a drive reminiscent of their more immediate predecessors Fu Manchu and Monster Magnet; ‘On Dark Ships’ and the aforementioned ‘Into The Nebula’ are shining examples of the uplifting effect this sort of music can have, the mesmeric riffs causing feet to tap and heads to bang of their own accord. A faithful, if uninspiring, cover of Captain Beyond’s ‘Mesmerization Eclipse’ is an odd choice to end the album as it shows that whilst what Mirror Queen do is enjoyable, it was also done forty years ago.



out of 10
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