Mimas - Lifejackets

Mimas are Danish, yet there’s something undeniably American about their melodic, meandering and intricate alternative pop. But then that would be undermining the European charm which Lifejackets still contains. Trumpets burst out of the mix on opening track ‘Application’, while the joyful restrains of how “facial definitely gives me more confidence” on ‘La Moustache’ only up the enjoyment factor of this record. ‘Rotting Rodents’ sees each instrument built up and layered over the top of one another until the band are locked in a noisy, rhythmic blur. The highlight of the record however is the six-minute ‘Touring’ with its gliding guitar lines, skipping percussion and triumphant backing vocals. Big Scary Monsters seem to have a knack for picking up some of the more interesting acts around today, and Mimas are no different. If this is just their second album, who knows what they’ll come up with next.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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