Mick Hucknall - American Soul

If you're struggling on what to get your mum or gran for Christmas, look no further - I've sorted out your stocking stuffer. Simply Red figurehead Mick Hucknall has released an album of old soul covers that will no doubt be the soundtrack to your family's Christmas drinks do. Fear not, it is actually not that bad. Let's face it, the guy does have a pretty decent voice, and he deftly interprets these classic tunes without trying to tart them up too much. Fortunately Hucknall has realised that if you have songs as wonderful as 'Turn Back The Hands Of Time' or the sublime 'I Only Have Eyes For You', you don't really need to add anything else.

The album is pleasant, and while his renditions can't begin to compete with the originals (but let's face it, whose could?) his voice weaves lovingly into these wonderful songs, one highlight being 'Tell It Like It Is', Hucknall savouring each word like chocolate melting on his tongue. So let's hear it for Mick Hucknall, taking the fear out of Christmas shopping.



out of 10

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