Mi & L'au - If Beauty Is A Crime

In something of a musical fairy-tale, the two halves of Mi & L'au met in Paris, fell in love, and retreated to the Finnish woods to make music together, a story that has left an indelible print on the blissful sounds they have since created. Now onto their fourth full length, If Beauty Is A Crime sees the pair experimenting with more electronic sounds and technical gizmos, whilst still retaining the sparse beauty that has come to define their work.

Tracks like 'Porcupine', with its synthetic strings playing over the occasional electric thump, shows the same approach as the likes of piano ballad 'Magic', but the varied use of different tools breathes a freshness into each and every track. Lying somewhere between Édith Piaf and Boards Of Canada, few artists these days can claim to be quite so removed from their peers. Coupled with the wistful elegance and captured with a rare grace, If Beauty Is A Crime is an album worth exploring.



out of 10
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