MGMT - Late Night Tales

MGMT’s entry in the Late Night Tales series almost feels like it should come on a tape instead of a CD, such is its devotion to cult indie heroes (Julian Cope, Television Personalities, The Durutti Column) and rather more obscure pre-1990 names. But, hey, isn’t throwing the spotlight on less well known acts the fun in these things? Dave Bixby, for example, is a "60’s Christian folk singer" and his acoustic 'Drug Song' would sound damn fine while pleasantly baked at 6am.Pauline Anna Strom’s 'Morning Splendor' is squiggly blissed-out electronica from 1982, placed at the end to lure the listener into sleep.

Gems are many, but special mention to the tinkling lo-fi indie of Disco Inferno’s 'Can’t See Through It' and the druggy blues of Spacemen 3’s 'Lord Can You Hear Me?'. And one can come to their own conclusion as to whether 'Love You Girl' (by The Great Society, Grace Slick's pre-Jefferson Airplane band) might have inspired the flute solo on 'Flash Delirium'. MGMT’s own contribution, a cover of Bauhaus’s 'All We Ever Wanted Was Everything', should be a good enough excuse for fans to stop staring at the wallpaper and buy themselves a copy.



out of 10
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