Metallic Taste Of Blood

To describe the self-titled debut from Metallic Taste Of Blood as a difficult and perplexing record at first is something of an understatement; proggy-jazzy-industrial metal is about as concise a description as it gets with all the disparate elements that each of the four members bring to the table. The fluid bass of Colin Edwin slides alongside the jazz pairing of Jamie Saft on keys and drummer Balazs Pandi, all topped off by Eraldo Bernocchi's industrial guitars, leaving Metallic Taste Of Blood as an intriguing and ultimately rewarding listening experience.

Unhurried but driven, the music has an easy swagger to it without becoming over-confident and descending into self-indulgence. Coming across as jazz for a futuristic generation, it has a somewhat post-apocalyptic feel to the album. Yet despite all this, there are still some frankly damn fine tunes on Metallic Taste Of Blood: 'Bipolar' is exactly that, shifting between late-night lounges to brilliantly destructive riffs at will; whilst 'Transverse' is a kaleidoscope of melodious phrases weaving a delicate pattern. One of the more original offerings this year, Metallic Taste Of Blood have conjured up a rare delight here.



out of 10

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