Meta-Stasis - When The Mind Departs The Flesh

Ask anyone to name a band from Gibraltar, and chances are you won't get an answer back; but the genesis of Meta-Stasis is carved from that limestone rock in the form of masterminds Jason Pincho and Nicky Barboon, completed by fellow Ted Maul cohort Solomon and ex-Sikth drummer Dan Foord. When The Mind Departs The Flesh is a furious, ferocious blast of very modern death metal, as the razor-sharp guitars and machine-accurate blastbeats compete for the accolade of being the most brutal aspect of the sound.

The artwork and distorted samples give the album an air of the Silent Hill franchise, although the music itself does not quite invoke that subtle, twisted Lovecraft spark; it is altogether too boorish, predictable and polished to truly enter that horrifying world. As a mindless blast through extreme waters, you cannot fault When The Mind Departs The Flesh, but anyone looking for something with a bit of dimension will be bored by Meta-Stasis' debut offering.



out of 10

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