Meg Baird - Seasons On Earth

As a founding member of acid-folk revivalists Espers, Meg Baird has had an important hand in the renewed interest in that type of music. With her solo efforts however, she strips back the layers and lets her unique and carefully thought-out guitar playing, as well as her fragile vocal, shine through.

Featuring more original compositions than her solo debut Dear Companion, Seasons On Earth is an introspective and emotionally bare collection of songs that sees her enlisting a whole host of talented musicians, particularly guitarists, to help flesh out her gloomy and heartfelt vision. Whether it’s the steady strum and hushed harmonies of ‘Share’, or the quivering and minimal cover of Mark-Almond Band's ‘Friends’, Seasons On Earth is a beautiful record throughout with closing track ‘Song For Next Summer’ acting as a warm and graceful stare into the what is still to come from life.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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