Matt Woosey Band - On The Waggon

If you’ve been looking for confirmation that proper guitar-driven music is alive and well in the UK then here’s some more proof for you. Matt Woosey is one of a growing number of hard-gigging UK bluesmen who are raising the profile of this lost (to certain ages) style of music. Along with the likes of Aynsley Lister, Woosey is bringing proper roots-blues to a pub or club near you. His band may have changed over time but the current line-up is tight, know their instruments, and Woosey himself has a voice that can hit the highs and the growls at will.

The Matt Woosey Band’s latest release, On The Waggon, gets off to a cracking start with the rollocking country-blues of ‘Black Smoke Rising’ before an immediate change of pace into the darker, foreboding ‘Cruel Disposition’. ‘Elsie May’ is that staple song of any blues singer, the one about his girl. You already know it. Still, the familiarity of the subject doesn’t detract from it being a great little song. Catchy and crowd-pleasing, ‘Find A Way’ and ‘Noah’ both want to break out of the niche they find themselves in, whilst ‘That’s My Baby’ and ‘Woke This Morning’ close the album as it started, heavy and fun. Switching between sparse acoustic and fuller electric sounds the band really show off their musical chops, even if the production is a little sparse. At times it feels as though you’re sat next to the band in the studio as they’re rehearsing, meaning some occasional tinny drums and a bit too much echo on the vocals here and there. Overall though, this is a solid example of the hidden talent that exists outside the mainstream. And it’s guaranteed to sound even better in your local venue with minimal lighting and a drink in your hand.



out of 10

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