Matt And Kim - Sidewalks

Third album from the Brooklyn duo delivers another blast of their assault and battery blend of buzzsaw synth pop. Clearly their fans continue to lap up their scuzzed up, wreck the room, chemical bonhomie. Does it make me a snooty old bugger if by now, despite the initial promise, I'm starting to tire of the Tigger-on-steroids formula? Three albums in and Matt Johnson's nasal yelp is starting to outstay its welcome. Yes, I know, they're a party band and close scrutiny isn't necessarily appropriate but Sidewalks favours energy over melody and the absence of rock solid hooks belies its ultimate ambition. It's best when it takes a moment to catch its breath, as it does on 'Where You're Coming From', where Kim makes a rare appearance in front of the drum kit and their paired vocals add welcome shading to a formula that cries out for variation.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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