Martyn - Ghost People

Who are the ghosts on the latest album from Dutch producer, Martyn? Holland’s biggest dance exports mainly dabble in trance, but Martyn here refreshingly references rave and acid house, while updating with a modern sheen. 'Distortions', for example, has drum claps similar to The Chemical Brothers' 'Star Guitar' and a nostalgic Roland chirp. It would be an easy, sexy track even if a female voice didn’t intone the 's' word.

Other standouts include 'Masks' (pumping techno) and 'We Are You In The Future', its breakbeats and futuristic sounds bringing to mind Aphex Twin. There are nods also to current bass music ('Popgun') and ambient ('Bauplan'). If Martyn never quite asserts a unique identity, Ghost People is nevertheless drawn together by an impressive steeliness.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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