Marc Carroll - In Silence

Singer songwriter Marc Carroll has been gathering attention both in his Irish homeland and abroad. His latest release, In Silence, is a career retrospective allowing newcomers an opportunity to sample his music but one has to question whether it's worth taking up this offer. There’s a moderately eclectic range to Carroll’s music spanning folk, country, blues with touches of punk and good old fashioned rock and roll, but the problem is that the music is, at its heart, anchored in the middle ground. There’s a strong singer-songwriter feel to the songs and a sense that he’s delivering songs against perceived successful templates rather than those that could be considered more intimate or personal. Yet, while In Silence had the potential to be a set of classic standards and for all of its strengths (the songwriting, the musicianship, the range of styles), there is a lack of engagement at its core that pushes the listener away rather than draws them in. An almost baffling set of missed opportunities.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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