Malachai - Return To The Ugly Side

One year on from the release of their debut album The Ugly Side Of Love, Bristolian duo Malachai return with their own brand of 60s psychedelic, alt. pop-tinged hip hop, but this one is just a bit more grown up than the last. However, it still cowers in the shadows of giants such as Massive Attack who, let's face it, still do it all better than most. But don't get us wrong, there are still some moments that will make you sit up and take notice: the upbeat, encompassing sound and splendid vocals of 'The Don't Just' retain the Bristolian twang these guys are known for and the early Gorrilaz feel of 'Let 'Em Fall' is laid back cool writ large. Instrumental tracks like 'Snake Eyes' are less intriguing, but overall, worthy of a preview and a few downloads.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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