Magnus Moriarty - Kodachromerockopera

Deeply ensconsced in a kind of florid, pastoral psychedelia, the Norwegian gentlemen behind Magnus Moriarty pick up the flag from the likes of Gorky's... and run with it, taking time to pause at the juice bar of buttoned-up English pop circa 1967 for a breather. The runaway strum of 'No Surf #1' is particularly fine while the hey-nonny trot of 'She Lingers In The Grandest Of Fields' is testament to their determination to take the listener back, back in time to when ex-public schoolboys would trade in their rugby boots for a guitar and head down to Granny Takes A Trip to buy themselves a military jacket. 'Darjeeling First Flush, Tycho?' follows a similar template and, by now, you are probably getting the picture. Some may find it a little mannered. Ignore them; Kodachromerockopera is both ridiculously charming and endearingly accomplished. Bring some colour into your life.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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