Luke Rathborne

Jumping on to the quickening bandwagon of all things indie leaps one Luke Rathborne, a 22 year-old from Maine whose manager, Ryan Gentles, also takes charge of New Yorkers The Strokes . It isn’t all guitars and chord strums with this one though. Rathborne’s enchanting Split EP Dog Years and I Can Be One has enough atmosphere to make a chill run down your spine, with the latter's title track and ‘Sad Days’ featuring keys so haunted, it sounds like a poltergeist is playing piano. Although, seeing as members from Anthony And The Johnsons make an appearance on five out of the eight tracks on the EP, the notable change in pitch (to ball-grabbing high) may not be too suprising after all. It’s in ‘Dog Years’ that the Marc Bolan side of Rathborne emerges, swooning trippy-hippy vocals over what sounds like an equally-tripped out reverend with an organ. And if that wasn’t enough for you to wrap your ears around, reverberations last heard in ‘Tolerate This’ by the Manics also make an appearance on the album, with ‘Tomorrow’ seemingly acting as an ode to rock on a record that uses its split format to evoke a double insight into the mind of a master.



out of 10

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