Lucky Bones - Someone's Son

Someone's Son is the second album from Eamonn O'Connor under the moniker Lucky Bones. The Dubliner has had quite the journey between this and his debut release in 2011, returning from Texas back to Ireland to form the band, then touring the US and Europe before heading back to the USA to record with his new backup. His new pals are a talented bunch who, alongside O'Connor's excellent voice, give Someone's Son an accomplished sound overall. With a definite hint of both their Irish and American influences this has a good mix of styles, from the double rock-lite whammy of opening tunes 'She Don't Know' and 'Baby Please Don't Pull Me Down' through the slower balladry of 'Forever With Wings' and 'Broken Love Song'. The country-tinged title track keeps the pace slow, while fiddles go wild on 'The Usual Places'. You'll also find an anti-war song 'Born To A Holy Land', and 'Fault' is a pleasant lament on relationships. Listing inspirational acts as Springsteen, Waits, and Dylan they're setting expectations very high, and whilst there are slight nods in the songwriting, the delivery is lacking the passion of the very best. Despite the polished finish Someone's Son ends up being a way off its, admittedly high, target.



out of 10

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