Love Among The Mannequins - Radial Images

Comprising members of noisy British rock stalwarts such as Shield Your Eyes, Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea and O You Broken Eyes, the first question might be why Love Among The Mannequins have started a band that aren’t so far away in terms of sound. It’s all distorted, beating guitars, boisterous drums and ear-splitting screeches – business as usual then. Listen closely however, and there’s a little more sonic experimentation on tracks like ‘Raoul Duke’, with its warped feedback and pointed riffing, as well as the bizarre interludes that punctuate the record.

They may lift straight out of American indie bands like Pavement at times, particularly on ‘The Twentieth Century’ and ‘Alfred Garyevich Schnittke’, but there’s a certain British grittiness to these songs that keeps things interesting. Chock full of melody and bursting with discordant riffs, Radial Images proves its worth amongst a deluge of guitar bands.



out of 10
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