Liturgy - Aesthethica

The dominating thought upon listening to Liturgy’s brand new offering Aesthethica is “what a mess!” The album is quite definitely noisy – here, very much a good thing – but is equally incoherent – not so good. Flicking between black metal, grindcore and electronica seemingly at random, listening to Aesthethica goes beyond challenging and into the realms of the painful; tracks like ‘Generation’ would be fantastic if they were significantly shorter, but repeating the same riff over and over and over for seven long minutes is not fun to endure. This is rather indicative of Liturgy’s major failing: there are some great ideas in here, but with a combination of massive overkill and a lack of any sort of development, the life and enjoyment is not so much sucked out as brutally and repeatedly beaten out of even the most wonderful of musical gems.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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