Little Roy - Battle For Seattle

Given the high profile and high regard in which Nirvana are held it would have been easy to over-egg the pudding with this release but producers Prince Fatty and the Mutant Hi-Fi have realised that sometimes less is more.

Jamaican legend Little Roy provides the vocals to this short, snappy collection of ten songs that give the Nirvana canon a perfectly pitched summery, Reggae makeover. Credit must be given for the selection of songs which aren’t just the most famous tunes, thus we have the likes of ‘Dive’ and ‘Very Ape’ nestling nicely alongside the more obvious choices such as ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ and ‘Come As You Are’. Perhaps the strangest moment is the jaunty take on ‘Polly’ which, given the subject matter, could be a tad jarring for some. That slight niggle aside, Battle for Seattle is a cracking little album that provides a lovely reminder of the quality of the source material and will tide us over nicely until the 20th Anniversary release of Nevermind hits the shelves.



out of 10
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