Lissie - Live At Union Chapel

Live albums are a funny old thing, some acts never give them a second glance, some acts cannot get enough of them. Lissie definitely falls into the second camp, Live At Union Chapel is her third live album, if you include her iTunes Festival EP a couple of years back. The major difference this time round is that it's just Miss Maurus. No drums, nothing electric, only the singer and her guitar. And when her live sound has been so fully based on what a full band can deliver it's a tricky task to match those high standards.

The problem here is the same as when we reviewed the live tour that this Union Chapel show is taken; the fact that none of the songs have been given an acoustic treatment, Lissie just bangs them out as if there were a band supporting her. Newer track from this years My Wild West fare much better, 'Ojai' and ' Sun Keeps Rising' have a melancholy lilt played sparsely, while 'When I'm Alone', usually thrilling live, is missing the electricity both literally and metaphorically, and 'Shameless' is just less emphatic. Still, the acoustic setting proves two things: Lissie has an amazing voice and she writes some killer melodies. Bring back the band next time please.


A mild misfire from a usually reliable talent.


out of 10
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