Lisa Loeb - No Fairy Tale

Lisa Loeb is so '90s. Remember her one UK hit 'Stay (I Missed You)'? It transplanted her from the coffee houses of New York to music TV and the top of the Billboard chart; the cutesy but heartfelt breakup pop song, along with Loeb's sexy librarian look, is as encapsulating of the era - and the female singer/songwriter's place in it - as 'Torn' and 'Ironic'. Fast forward two decades and Loeb is a fortysomething with a discography, including two albums for kids, and her own line in eyewear - but, with Taylor delivering the pop-rock sentimentals nowadays and Zooey the geek-chic chick du jour, will anyone but the Loeb faithful have stayed and missed her?

Many of the songs on No Fairy Tale wouldn't sound out of place on the coffee house circuit Loeb made her name on all those years ago, but while her sound may not have evolved significantly, she still delivers snappy guitar-based pop songs that achieve a comforting radio-friendly sheen. Co-produced by Chad Gilbert (of New Found Glory), with further songwriting input from contemporary indie-femme duo Tegan & Sara, Loeb's own talent for a catchy chorus, relationship stories and quirky-cringe lyrics results in an album that sounds like it could have seamlessly followed 'Stay'. It's not going to change your life but No Fairy Tale is a solid album of its type, with more genuine moments of charm than anything by Rita Ora, and I wouldn't be surprised if boyfriends are caught sneaking it on to their own playlist when they think their bespectacled girlfriends aren't looking.



out of 10

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