Letters To Fiesta - Aphorism EP

Hailing equally from the hapless grime of Stockport and the rural-ism of the Lake District, this electronic four piece are the latest talent to emerge from Manchester's creative nucleus The Northern Quarter. Originally rooted in shoegaze guitar pop, the band now reside in considerably more creative territory, so much so that your token genre labels aren’t going to cut it. Vocalist Anna-Louisa Etherington elevates the band above countless mediocre peers with a gifted versatility, lending the ambitious instrumentals an edge of confidence. Often operatic and wild, there's a primal femininity to her voice that is sorely missing from many contemporary pop acts, while restraint is there when needed. Letters to Fiesta's ace in the hole is Etherington's ability to completely let herself go.

Lead single 'Stay Young' is representative the quality on offer here, a drum-laden alt. pop tour-de-force which feels heavily in debt to Hounds of Love-era Kate Bush, which in no way undermines the track's ability to impress. Etherington howls and exhales the chorus as if in a state of trauma; it's a monumental hook that demonstrates a band working in complete understanding of each others strengths. There's a few moments of eyebrow-raising experimentation but it's by and large in benefit to the music. The only loose cut here is 'Elected', which feels like a shaky ode to the spoken word samples found on early Godspeed records. Aphorism is an unexpected and original collection of songs by a band that might just breathe new life into a scene gone dour.



out of 10

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