Layabouts - Savage Behavior

If you're after an unadulterated blast of rock'n'roll that hits you quick and leaves fast without paying, then Spanish rockers Layabouts' Savage Behavior will be right up your street, delivering ten tracks of straightforward thrills in a sensibly swift manner.

Anyone looking for music with layers and depth should be advised to stay well clear though: tracks like 'Fire' are just happy to settle on a fabulous riff, knock it out several times and wrap it up in two minutes. That's not to say there's not variation though with 'Rollercoaster' spicing things up with a bluegrass edge and 'Falling Over (The Man Who Broke The Law)' displaying an expert control of dynamics. Standout is the stunning 'To The End' though with its mighty central hook that is far from the album's heaviest, but definitely its catchiest. OK, so Savage Behavior won't trouble the end of year lists but when it rocks out this enjoyably, who really cares?



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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