Laura Sheeran - What The World Knows

Continuing her evolution towards a more electronic based folk hybrid, What The World Knows sees Irish chanteuse Laura Sheeran fully embrace the world of beats as a backdrop for her usually delicate take on ambient folky musings. This new driving force behind the music lends the album a somewhat brighter, occasionally upbeat, but always forceful outlook - much more so than with her previous work. This new, extrovert streak distances her from previous album Lust Of Pig & The Fresh Blood and the Fovea Hex material.

Despite largely being absent from the first few tracks, the gentle wash of strings still remains an integral part of Laura's sound, never taking centre stage but providing a lush backdrop from which the songs jump from. There remains something intrinsically creepy about Laura Sheeran's music, and even the new dressing doesn’t hide the fact that What The World Knows is a fantastically unsettling encounter, weaving its way through both traditional and modern.



out of 10

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