Larry And His Flask - By The Lamplight

Larry And His Flask are a ferocious live act from Oregon formed in 2003 but it's taken until By The Lamplight to properly capture that power on record. For a reference point, imagine someone giving Green Day banjos and you're on your way to understanding Larry and His Flask's sound. They recently supported Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls on a UK/European tour and played a headline show at London’s Relentless Garage venue as part of their own tour.

With switching lead vocal duties and catchy guitar hooks combined with the fast paced drumming, every song becomes an infectious earworm that will stay lodged in the head. Opener ‘Pandemonium’ is quite possibly the perfect album opener with the group vocals and an incredibly catchy beat, with the rest of the album flowing in an almost insatiable way. ‘Barleywine Bump’ shows off the first vocal change of many, and things only slow down with the heartbreaking ‘Gone From You’ and haunting ‘All That We’ve Seen’, before finishing off in an epic fashion with ‘Tides’. But what makes this album so great? The sheer versatility of the record is a huge plus and when combined with the insatiable flow, this just proves that the record is certainly a commanding calling card for a band that will soon have venues like the Garage in their rearview.



out of 10

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