L.A. Salami - Dancing with Bad Grammar

Lookman Adekunle Salami (recording under the name L.A. Salami) releases his impressive debut album after allegedly only picking up a guitar a few years ago. Dancing with Bad Grammar encompasses a mish-mash of styles, from blues and folk, to hip hop and even a tinge of punk - as on the weirdly wonderful opening track 'Going Mad As the Street Bins' which begins all Dylan-esque with softly strumming guitar before suddenly erupting into a cacophony of electric guitars. Folky acoustic tracks like 'Bird' and 'Day To Day (for 6 days a week)' demonstrate Salami's clever lyricism and contrast nicely with more upbeat numbers like 'The City Nowadays', mixing beat poetry and hip hop, and the rockier 'Anything's Greener Than Burnt Grass'.

Other standouts are the truly lovely 'No Hallelujahs Now', it's playful melody dancing serenely with Salami's beautiful voice: "He claims that he don't pray but he'll always bow / The priests would have him saved, but they don't know how." The angry 'I Wear This Because Life Is War!' shakes up the albums' laid- back vibe while the pretty 'My Thoughts, They Too Will Tire' rounds things off.

Dancing with Bad Grammar, is an impressive collection of tunes, showcasing this young man's evident talent and ambition. Let's hope we hear more from him.



out of 10

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