Kreidler - Tank

Setting themselves the challenge of recording Tank entirely with first takes on the final tracks, Kreidler have attempted and, in the most part, succeeded in capturing the energy and power of the live show. Book-ended by two fantastic slabs of the finest krautrock, Tank conjures vivid images of pre-Autobahn era Kraftwerk and motorik gods NEU!; absent are the psychedelic meanderings of the new wave, instead focusing around an efficiency and single-mindedness that is stereotypically German in approach and output. ‘New Earth’ kicks things off as it builds from a simple electronic beat into a deeply layered beast that manages to be catchy without any discernable melody; and final track ‘Kremlin Rules’ encapsulates everything that the genre is loved for, from the pounding metronomic drums that holds the whole shebang together to the crisp bass that has more drive than a grand prix grid – it might race along, but it makes sure you are along for the ride.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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