Kosheen - Solitude

Hey Kosheen, 2001 called and wants its music back! Following a top ten hit early in the last decade - and late in that cycle of dance music - the electronic group had a couple of middling hits and then pretty much disappeared from the public eye. The keen-eyed among you may have noticed that lead singer Sian Evans had a number one hit with DJ Fresh in 2011, but as a group their last two albums Damage and Independence both bombed, with the latter not even charting in the UK. Well, never ones to give up they’re back with album number five which they’ve pronounced to be their “darker” LP.

With many of the tracks running into the five minute zone it’s not a short, punchy set of tunes. A promising start has ‘Save Your Tears’ and ‘Divided’, the latter a slower trance-like track, which typifies the overall feel. The darker vibe is typified by the swirling echo of bass heavy beats on ‘745’; ‘And Another’ is an instrumental of factory noises, while ‘Poison’ has a Portishead ambience. ‘Observation’ is very similar to their early material, which suggests an element of recycling, but for those of a certain vintage it’s a welcome return from these long forgotten purveyors of UK dance.



out of 10

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