Kitten - Sunday School EP

Were you in a band in high school? I was - and it was the only band I've ever played in. We were, both at the time and in retrospect, terrible but we played Stooges songs and The Doors and, at our debut performance, I smashed my bass guitar - which made our second gig a little problematic. Ah, rock and roll. Chloe Chaidez has been playing in bands since she was ten years old and Kitten's debut EP comes out during her 16th year. Kids, eh? Annoyingly, Sunday School is pretty fantastic, a West Coast US take on cool new wave pop, a slushy machine concoction of confidence and beyond-her-years savvy that makes the hints of lesser acts like White Lies utterly redundant. What other 16 year olds do you know quote Springsteen just for the hell of it? 'Kitten With A Whip' lifts the riff from something I can't quite place ("TMF: delivering quality music analysis since 1958") and makes you fear for the future ("She's got her mother's hips and she's out for kicks!") which is exactly how it is supposed to be. If there's a proper album in the wings, anyone over 21 and still in a band should just call it a day right now.



out of 10
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