King Mob - Force 9

"Recorded in just four days" the press blurb proudly exclaims, and yet the listener is left wondering what sort of delays could have stretched the recording process of Force 9 out to such apparently excessive lengths. The King Mob project is propelled by the combined talents of Chris Spedding, a career Womble who could’ve been a Rolling Stone, and ex-Sex Pistol Glen Matlock. A sound punk rock pedigree, augmented by the pop savvy of Martin Chambers yet, intriguingly, the primary influences are alleged to be Duke Ellington and Jimmy Page. It sounds fascinating on paper and perhaps on paper is where it should have remained for, in practice, it is a perplexing exercise in terminally turgid pub rock which could conceivably have been constructed through some injudicous rifling though the Dr Feelgood reject bin.

Opening track ‘Lover Of High Renown’ kicks in with an auspicious power chord but quickly descends into an Exile On Main Street pastiche, while ‘Va Vah Voom’ has all the verve and vitality of a clapped out Austin Allegro. If they can force nine people to listen to the whole album more than once then they’ve achieved something remarkable. Time gentlemen. Please.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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