King Creosote - I Learned From The Gaels

King Creosote’s Kenny Anderson has been quietly working away at becoming Scotland’s most prolific songwriter for the past 14 years. Though only achieving marginal mainstream exposure with Jon Hopkins on their triumphant 2011 collaboration Diamond Mine, Anderson has always maintained a small legion of dedicated fans. With I Learned From The Gaels, he offers those exhausted by the emotional rush of last year's album a well deserved breather, putting out instead four distinctly breezy rock songs.

While this EP is credited solely to King Creosote, it is in fact the product of numerous collaborations with a minor cast of under-rated names. Anderson’s voice however, is no less distinct when pasted over the chirpy disco instrumental of opener 'Doubles Underneath', which also guests Radio Scotland DJ Vic Galloway on backing vocals. 'Near Star, Pole Star' subdues the tempo to make way for HMS Ginafore’s glowing backing vocals and some beautifully paced finger picking. The final two tracks cement the EP’s consistency with both 'Single Cheep' and 'Little Man' providing a further upbeat rock n’ roll tone. Galloway pops up again in the sonic wash on 'Single Cheep' while Anderson helps Gummi Bako frontman Alan Stewart rework their original version of the latter. It may be a brief fix for King Creosote fans but it will no doubt stand out for its celebration of friends making music for fun.



out of 10
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