Kid Carpet - Songs From Repo Chick

I was first introduced to Kid Carpet in early 2005, when I witnessed the man-sized 'kid' support Willy Mason on tour. The fact that Carpet, real name Ed Patrick, hasn't become an above-ground big name in the intervening years is no real surprise and not because he doesn't possess his own certain charms. Instead, Patrick's lack of mainstream success is because albums Ideas And Oh Dears and Casio Royale have showcased anti-pop music that, while certainly not short on imagination, is so determinedly DIY that it was always going to be a cult concern. Songs From Repo Chick, which features Patrick's soundtrack work for Brit filmmaker Alex Cox's 2009 film Repo Chick, is more of the same and is unlikely to do big business, although its release on Dan Le Sac's Dumb Drum label may raise his profile further on the indie circuit. Your opinion of this album will depend on how much you enjoy short, brash songs shot through with a quintessential Britishness that sound like they've been made in a toy factory with lots of geeky enthusiasm - think Mike Skinner after eating too many sweeties. The formula frequently threatens to wear thin but then something will surprise you, whether a briefly captivating spoken-word interval or a track like 'Last Word', a sweet little love song that sounds like it's been constructed purely from a Fisher Price toy and a cash register. Worth investigating if you're in the mood for something fun, but the humour value may be more apparent in this Kid's live show.



out of 10

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