Kid Canaveral - Faulty Inner Dialogue

The third release from Scottish quartet Kid Canaveral, the latest darlings of the Scottish jangly indie scene, sees them growing both sonically and in physical size (now a five piece). The addtion of Michael Craig is to help “make that extra noise”, according to frontman David MacGregor. After much critical praise from the indie press for Now That You Are A Dancer, 2103's Scottish Album of the Year winner, their latest release subtly continues their musical progression.

Faulty Inner Dialogue takes the band’s guitar driven sound and drops in a more electronic vibe which manages to blend seamlessly; the opening gambit of ‘Gun Fhaireachdain’ clearly signposts this new direction. Highlight of the album is lead single ‘First We Take Dumbarton’ which gallops along at a frenetic pace, portraying a cynical view of modern media saturation, and worth it for the deceptively simple lyric “This lift music is uplifting”. It's a U2-esque anthem with liberal dollops of Rave Tapes-era Mogwai. Other highlights include the lurching stop/start rhythms and guitar harmonics of ‘Lifelong Crisis of Conscience’, the Kate Lazda fronted ‘Callous Parting Gift’ with its shamelessly electronic poppy blend of The Postal Service and Cocteau Twins hiding a darker undertone, ‘From Your Bright Room’ sparse Cure like delivery, and album closer ‘Reel’ which sounds like Arab Strap covering ‘China Girl’.

Glance at the track listing and the portentous song titles - ‘Tragic Satellite’ for instance - could easily put off casual browsers. However, the tracks themselves transcend these by taking cynical world weary concepts and transforming them into grand sounding anthems destined to be festival closers, all given this extra push with MacGregor's Twilight Sad-like vocal stylings and Lazda's delicate delivery. Effortlessly charming and, my word, they can write a catchy chorus. Ones to watch.


Nothing faulty here


out of 10
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