Kassidy - Hope St.

We've waxed lyrically about Kassidy's trilogy of Rubbergum EPs that have led to the release of their full-length debut and it should be pleasing to report that proceedings remain very much the same, except that has been taken a bit too literally. Eight of the 12 tracks on Hope St. have been lifted directly from their EPs (two from Vol. 3 and three apiece from Vol. 1 and 2) and while that certainly doesn't diminish the quality of the tracks on display - a mid-album combo of 'Take Another Ride' and 'Oh My God' is pure folking perfection - it does lessen the necessity of buying this album for anyone but the Kassidy completist. Essentially you're paying for an EP's worth of new material at full album price and however good the new tracks are ('Secret Tells A Lie' in particular has a great bluesy vibe with a husky central vocal and pitch-perfect harmonies as we've come to expect from them), it's not really enough to justify doing anything other than downloading the separate tracks and that's if you haven't already done so with lead single 'I Don't Know', out on the same day as the album's release. Still there's no doubt that the quality on show is uniformly excellent meaning that if you've visited Hope St. cold, you can probably kick the mark up a notch or two but for Kassidy fans, you'll have to fight the disappointment of not having a whole album's worth of fresh material to savour.



out of 10
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