Juliette Commagere - The Procession

Having been involved in numerous different projects such as Hello Stranger, Foo Fighter's drummer Taylor Hawkins solo project and played with Ry Cooder’s son Joaquim, it’s easy to forget that Juliette Commagere also works alone. The Procession is her second solo record and opening track ‘Eats From The Inside’ bodes well for the rest of the album. Ebbing synth-work and battering drums make a striking background to her sweet vocals, and the ethereal Kate Bush quality that crops up on ‘You’ are wonderfully built. It’s these sparser and subtler tracks on the album that seem to be the highlights though, with a song like ‘How I Look For You’ creeping way too near to glaring 80’s synth-pop. Thankfully the ratio is most definitely in her favour and, for the most part, the music is a dark and ominous canvas for her obvious vocal talent.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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