Joshua Radin - The Rock and the Tide

After two albums of amiable folk that saw him becoming the choice singer/songwriter to soundtrack emotional montages on US shows including Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy, Joshua Radin ups the tempo a wee bit on his third album The Rock and the Tide. However, don't be mistaken: he's not indulging his love for thrash metal here or attempting an Aphex Twin-style squealchy electro curio. Nope, this is the sound of Jack Johnson after a couple of Red Bulls. Released smack-bang in the middle of summer, its breezy choruses and sing-song melodies are certainly ripe for AM airplay but nothing is really all that involving. Lead single 'I Missed You' is representative of the ten tracks, sounding not unlike Train and begging The Warblers off TV's 'Glee' to cover it. Radin's voice isn't bad but the soul of 'Streetlight' and 'You Got What I Need' is a bit too squeaky clean. 'Think I'll Go Inside', 'Wanted' and the title track are better, bulding on his earlier work and striving for the level of Ray Lamontagne where the rest of the album doesn't even touch John Mayer.



out of 10

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